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Sommer Electric Corp is a proven sustainability partner, specializing in helping our customers "go green to save green". Our energy-efficient designs and cutting-edge, green, LED products can enhance your organization's sustainability efforts, enabling you to:

  • Lower your energy consumption
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Reduce waste
  • Recycle responsibly

All this, while strengthening your bottom line! So whether your organization is looking to add to an already robust sustainability program, or just getting on board the "go green initiative", contact Sommer Electric Corp. to schedule a lighting audit today.

Recent 33 Building Retrofit Project Results:

  • 1.8 Million kWh Saved Annually
  • Annual Carbon Dioxide Reduction: 2.7 million lbs
  • Annual Sulfur Dioxide Reduction: 10,716 lbs
  • Annual Nitrogen Oxide Reduction: 5,260 lbs
  • Annual Coal Burning Avoided: 1.2 million lbs
  • Annual Mercury Avoided: 27,559 mg
  • Equivalent Acres of Forest Added Annually: 339 acres
  • Equivalent Cars Removed From Road Annually: 237 cars
  • While saving $1.5 million lifetime